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Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze

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In the captivating world of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, players embark on an epic adventure filled with challenges and surprises. One such challenge is the Forest Maze, a labyrinthine area teeming with enemies and hidden secrets. Mastering the Forest Maze requires careful exploration, strategic maneuvering, and a touch of luck.

Overview of the Forest Maze

The Forest Maze is a sprawling area composed of various forest sections and underground passages. It’s home to a variety of enemies, including Wigglers, Shy Guys, and Hammer Brothers, making it a challenging area to traverse. Scattered throughout the maze are Mushrooms that can restore the player’s HP and FP, as well as a few hidden items to discover.

Navigating the Maze

The Forest Maze is designed to disorient and confuse players, with multiple paths leading to dead ends or backtracking. The key to navigating this maze successfully lies in memorizing the layout and identifying the correct paths.

  • Top Path: This path leads directly to Bowyer’s location, but it’s also heavily guarded by enemies.
  • Left Path: This path leads to a secret area containing a Frog Coin and two Mushrooms.
  • Right Path: This path leads to a dead end.
  • Bottom Path: This path connects to the Left Path.
  • Underground Passages: These passages can be accessed by interacting with certain tree stumps and lead to different parts of the maze.

Tips for Conquering the Forest Maze

Here are some helpful tips for navigating the Forest Maze:

  • Take your time: Don’t rush through the maze. Take your time to explore each section carefully and memorize the layout.
  • Be aware of enemies: Enemies are always lurking in the shadows, so stay alert and be prepared for battle.
  • Use Mushrooms strategically: Mushrooms can restore your HP and FP, so use them wisely to stay in the fight.
  • Don’t be afraid to backtrack: If you find yourself lost, don’t hesitate to backtrack and try a different path.
  • Utilize your party members: Each party member has unique abilities, so use them to your advantage.

Encounter with Bowyer

After successfully navigating the maze, players will encounter Bowyer, an archer who is determined to defeat Mario and his team. Bowyer’s attacks can be tricky to dodge, so be prepared for a challenging battle.

  • Use Geno’s Geno Beam: Geno’s Geno Beam is a powerful attack that can quickly deplete Bowyer’s HP.
  • Keep your party members healed: Bowyer’s arrows can deal significant damage, so make sure to keep your party members healed up.
  • Use defensive moves: Defensive moves like Mario’s Jump and Mallow’s Ice Shower can help reduce the damage taken from Bowyer’s attacks.
  • Be patient: Don’t get discouraged if you lose the first few times. With practice, you’ll eventually defeat Bowyer.


How do you get through the forest maze in Super Mario RPG?

Navigating the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG requires a combination of careful exploration, memorizing the layout, and avoiding enemies. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you through the maze:

  1. Enter the Forest Maze: Head towards the Forest Maze from the Mushroom Kingdom. Once inside, you’ll encounter an old man who provides vague directions to Bowyer’s location.
  2. Follow Geno: As you progress through the maze, you’ll encounter Geno, who will guide you along the correct path. Simply follow Geno until he disappears, indicating the right path to take.
  3. Memorize the Layout: Pay attention to the layout of the maze, noting the different paths and dead ends. This will help you navigate through the maze without getting lost.
  4. Use Mushrooms Strategically: Mushrooms are scattered throughout the maze and can restore your HP and FP. Use them wisely to stay in the fight and avoid getting overwhelmed by enemies.
  5. Beware of Enemies: The Forest Maze is home to various enemies, including Wigglers, Shy Guys, and Hammer Brothers. Stay alert and be prepared for battle to conserve your resources.
  6. Reach Bowyer: After following Geno’s guidance, you’ll eventually reach Bowyer’s location. Prepare for a challenging boss battle against this skilled archer.

How hard is Culex Mario RPG?

Culex is an optional boss encounter in Super Mario RPG, known for its high difficulty and unique battle mechanics. Culex’s attacks can deal significant damage, and his ability to counter most physical attacks makes him a challenging opponent. Additionally, the battle takes place in a large arena with multiple platforms, adding an extra layer of complexity.

Factors that contribute to Culex’s difficulty include:

  • High Attack Power: Culex’s attacks can deal significant damage, even to well-leveled party members.
  • Counter Ability: Culex has a high chance of countering physical attacks, making it difficult to land hits without relying on magic or other strategies.
  • Platform Movement: The battle arena consists of multiple platforms, requiring players to manage movement while avoiding Culex’s attacks.
  • Unique Attacks: Culex has unique attacks, such as the Black Hole and Shadow Bullet, which can be challenging to dodge or counter.

Defeating Culex requires careful planning, strategic use of party members’ abilities, and a bit of luck. It’s recommended to have a well-leveled party with diverse abilities and stock up on items like Mushrooms and Potions before attempting the battle.

What is the secret word in Mario RPG?

There are two instances in Super Mario RPG where a secret word is involved:

  1. Forest Maze Secret Area: To access the secret area in the Forest Maze, you need to enter the correct password at a tree stump. The password is “SUPERFLAT.” Upon entering the correct password, you’ll be transported to a hidden area with treasure chests containing valuable items.
  2. Star Road Secret Area: In the Star Road area, you’ll encounter a Star Spirit who asks for a secret word. The password is “JUS2GOOD.” Entering the correct password will open a hidden passage leading to a room with a Star Drop.

How much HP does Culex have in Super Mario RPG?

Culex has 12,000 HP, making him one of the most challenging bosses in Super Mario RPG. His high HP pool requires a sustained attack strategy and effective use of party members’ abilities to deplete his health.

How do you get to the Forest Secret Area in Super Mario World?

There is no secret area in the Forest itself in Super Mario World. However, there is a secret area in the Forest Land area, accessible by jumping through a hidden passage in a waterfall wall. This secret area contains a Star Coin and a Super Star, along with some coins.

How do you get the Power Moon in the maze?

There are several Power Moons hidden throughout the Forest Maze in Super Mario Odyssey. Here are a few examples:

  • Power Moon Behind Waterfall: In the section with the waterfall, climb the vines behind the waterfall to find a hidden Power Moon.
  • Power Moon in Underground Chamber: In the underground passage, break the cracked wall to access a secret chamber containing a Power Moon.
  • Power Moon from Sneaking Around Whomp: In the section with the Whomp, sneak around it to reach a hidden Power Moon.
  • Power Moon from Jumping on Bullet Bills: In the section with the Bullet Bills, jump on them to reach a platform with a hidden Power Moon.
  • Power Moon from Ground Pounding: In the section with the soft ground, ground pound to reveal a hidden Power Moon.


The Forest Maze is a significant challenge in Super Mario RPG, but with careful exploration, strategic maneuvering, and a bit of luck, players can successfully navigate its depths and emerge victorious.

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