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Two Rent the Runway Alums Sell Their Software Startup Sawyer Which Powers Kid’s Classes

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  • Post last modified:7 November 2023
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Marissa Evans and Lindsay Alden, two alumni of the fashion rental company Rent the Runway, have sold their software startup Sawyer to Daysmart Software for an undisclosed amount. Sawyer is a platform that powers kids’ enrichment programming registration, payments, and parent communication.

Evans and Alden founded Sawyer in 2015 with the goal of creating a “ClassPass for kids.” However, they quickly realized that the underlying infrastructure of the kids’ activities industry was not yet set up to support such a platform. Most mom-and-pop businesses were still running their classes on pen and paper or on Google spreadsheets, and their signup schedules varied wildly. Classes were sold by the semester, as drop-ins, in packs, and as memberships.

To address these challenges, Evans and Alden pivoted to build a software platform that would power all aspects of kids’ activities registration and management. Sawyer’s platform allows businesses to easily create and manage their class schedules, process payments, and communicate with parents. Sawyer also offers a marketplace for parents to browse and book classes.

Sawyer’s Impact on the Kids’ Activities Industry

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Sawyer has had a significant impact on the kids’ activities industry. By providing a centralized platform for businesses to manage their classes and for parents to book classes, Sawyer has made it easier for both businesses and parents to participate in the industry.

For businesses, Sawyer has helped to streamline their operations and reduce their administrative costs. Sawyer’s platform also provides businesses with insights into their class performance and customer behavior.

For parents, Sawyer has made it easier to find and book classes for their children. Sawyer’s marketplace allows parents to browse classes by category, location, and price. Parents can also read reviews from other parents before booking a class.

The Acquisition by Daysmart Software

Daysmart Software is a leading provider of software solutions for small businesses in the service industry. The company’s products include appointment scheduling, online booking, and customer relationship management software.

Daysmart’s acquisition of Sawyer is a strategic move that will allow the company to expand its offerings into the kids’ activities market. Sawyer’s platform will complement Daysmart’s existing products and help Daysmart to attract new customers.

What’s Next for Sawyer?

Under Daysmart’s ownership, Sawyer is expected to continue to grow and expand. Daysmart has the resources and expertise to help Sawyer scale its platform and reach more businesses and parents.

Sawyer is also expected to benefit from Daysmart’s network of partners and integrations. Daysmart partners with a variety of software providers, such as CRM and accounting software providers. This allows Daysmart customers to integrate their Daysmart software with their other business software.


The acquisition of Sawyer by Daysmart Software is a positive development for the kids’ activities industry. It is a sign that the industry is maturing and that there is a growing demand for technology solutions.

Sawyer’s platform is well-positioned to help businesses and parents in the kids’ activities industry. Under Daysmart’s ownership, Sawyer is expected to continue to grow and expand, and to provide even more value to its customers.

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