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How Much is NordVPN: A Comprehensive Guide to NordVPN Pricing in 2023

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How much is NordVPN?” This is a very common question among many aspiring users. Well, it very well depends on the chosen plan and the subscription duration. NordVPN has structured its pricing to accommodate a variety of users, from casual browsers to security enthusiasts. The flexibility in pricing ensures that whether you are on a tight budget or willing to invest in premium features, there’s a suitable plan for you. As we unfold the pricing tiers of NordVPN in this article, you will find a detailed analysis aimed at providing a clear picture of how much NordVPN is. This inquiry is not just about the monetary investment, but also about understanding the value you receive in return. The cost of NordVPN is balanced with a blend of essential and advanced features, making it a worthy consideration for your online privacy needs. Whether you opt for a monthly subscription or a multi-year plan, the cost aspect is crucial. As we delve deeper into the NordVPN pricing structure, the objective is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding, answering the pivotal question: “how much is NordVPN?”

Overview of NordVPN Pricing

NordVPN’s pricing structure is designed to offer flexibility and cater to different user needs and budgets. It’s segmented into three main plans: Standard, Plus, and Complete. Below is a breakdown of these plans along with their pricing as of 2023:

1. Standard Plan:

   – Monthly Cost: $12.99 if billed monthly.

   – Multi-year Cost: $3.39 per month if billed for two years at once, totaling $83.78 for the first two years. Another source mentions it at $2.99 per month with a total of $80.73 for the first two years. It’s worth noting that the renewal for the next two years is at $198.96.

   2. Plus Plan:

   – Monthly Cost: This plan has been listed at $4.49 per month if opting for a two-year subscription, totaling to $108 for the first two years. Another source mentions a cost of $3.99 per month, with a total of $107.73 for the first two years when billed biennially.

   3. Complete Plan:

   – Monthly Cost: For a two-year subscription, the Complete plan costs $5.99 per month, amounting to $132 for the first two years.

The pricing varies slightly across different sources, which might be due to ongoing discounts or regional pricing variations. However, it’s clear that NordVPN offers substantial discounts for long-term subscriptions, making the multi-year plans considerably more cost-effective compared to the monthly plan.

Here’s a comparative table summarizing the pricing for easy reference:

PlanMonthly CostCost for First Two Years (Biennial Plan)Renewal Cost for Next Two Years (Biennial Plan)
Standard$12.99$80.73 – $83.78$198.96
PlusNot provided$107.73 – $108Not provided
CompleteNot provided$132Not provided
How much is NordVPN

The table encapsulates the cost of NordVPN across the three different plans. It’s evident that users can save significantly by opting for multi-year plans. The decision on which plan to choose would ideally hinge on individual or organizational needs, budget, and preference for additional features offered by the higher-tier plans.

Detailed Breakdown of Plans

Standard Plan

The Standard plan is the entry-level offering from NordVPN, ideal for individuals who require basic VPN access.

Monthly Cost: $12.99 if billed monthly.

Multi-year Cost: For a two-year commitment, the cost comes down to $3.79 per month, totaling $103.08 for the first two years, although another source mentions $3.39 per month with a total of $83.78 for the first two years.

Features: This plan provides full VPN service along with threat protection against malware, trackers, and ads.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan is a step up, providing additional features beyond basic VPN access.

Monthly Cost: $13.79 if billed monthly.

Multi-year Cost: For a two-year commitment, the cost is $4.59 per month, totaling $123.96 for the first two years.

Features: Along with the full VPN service and threat protection, the Plus plan includes a cross-platform password manager (NordPass) and a data breach scanner, which are essential tools for maintaining digital hygiene.

Complete Plan

The Complete plan is the premium offering from NordVPN, encompassing all features from lower-tier plans plus additional benefits.

Monthly Cost: $14.99 if billed monthly.

Multi-year Cost: For a two-year commitment, the cost is $5.79 per month, totaling $155.64 for the first two years.

Features: This plan provides everything from the Plus plan and adds 1TB of encrypted cloud storage through NordLocker, making it a comprehensive choice for individuals with high-security needs and those who require secure cloud storage solutions.

Here’s a tabular summary for a quick comparison:

PlanMonthly CostCost for First Two Years (Biennial Plan)Features
Standard$12.99$83.78 – $103.08Full VPN service, Threat Protection
Plus$13.79$123.96Full VPN service, Threat Protection, NordPass, Data Breach Scanner
Complete$14.99$155.64Full VPN service, Threat Protection, NordPass, Data Breach Scanner, 1TB NordLocker Storage
How much is NordVPN

This detailed breakdown illuminates the cost and feature differentiation across NordVPN’s plans. The tiered pricing structure ensures that there’s a plan for every type of user, whether you’re looking for basic VPN access or a suite of security tools to enhance your online safety.

Comparing NordVPN to Other VPN Services

Comparing NordVPN to Other VPN Services

When considering a VPN service, it’s essential to compare various options to ensure you’re getting the best value and features for your investment. Below, we’ve compared NordVPN to other popular VPN services based on price and notable features:

Price Comparison

Here’s a comparative table showing the monthly pricing for a 1-year plan across different VPN services:

VPN ServiceMonthly Pricing (1 Year Plan)
Private Internet Access$3.33​
How much is NordVPN

NordVPN’s pricing is competitive, falling in the middle range among these services. It’s cheaper than ExpressVPN, which costs $80.04 per year compared to NordVPN’s $59.88 per year, but is more expensive than Private Internet Access, priced at $39.95 per year.

Feature Comparison

Server Network:

    – NordVPN boasts a large server fleet of 5,800+ servers in 60 countries, whereas Proton VPN has fewer servers.

    – ExpressVPN offers more server locations than NordVPN, but NordVPN has a larger total number of servers.


    – NordVPN exhibited a decrease in speed of only 5.8% for downloads and 16.18% for uploads in speed tests, which are excellent numbers for a VPN.

Additional Features:

    – NordVPN offers a dedicated IP at an additional cost and has a unique VPN protocol built around WireGuard, making it a bit more customizable than ExpressVPN.

    – Compared to Proton VPN, NordVPN has more additional features, a much larger server network, better P2P support, and provides better customer support.

Device Compatibility:

    – NordVPN allows up to 6 devices to be connected simultaneously, while Surfshark offers unlimited device connections, and UltraVPN allows up to 10 devices.


    – All the compared VPN services including NordVPN utilize AES-256 encryption for enhanced security.

This comparison elucidates the relative strengths and weaknesses of NordVPN in contrast to other popular VPN services in the market. While NordVPN offers a robust server network and additional features like a dedicated IP and unique VPN protocol, other services might provide better speed, more server locations, or lower pricing. Your choice would ultimately depend on your specific needs and budget.

Promotions and Discounts: Get a 65% Discount Now

NordVPN offers a range of promotions and discounts, making it more affordable for users to secure their online privacy. As of October 2023, here are some ongoing promotions that significantly reduce the cost of NordVPN subscriptions:

1. Discounted Rates:

   – An 80% discount is available for NordVPN subscriptions.

   – A special October 2023 offer reduces the cost of a 3-month plan to $7.99 per month, down from $8.29, and a 20-month plan to $4.49 per month, down from $8.29.

   – There’s an offer to save 54% on a 1-year subscription, and 63% on a 2-year subscription, expiring at the end of October and November 2023 respectively.

   – NordVPN is also offering a 68% discount on all plans.

   – A promotion for a 1-year plan at 56% off, with an additional 3 months for free, is also available.

2. Exclusive Coupon Codes:

   – Numerous coupon codes are circulating online that can be applied during the checkout process to avail discounts on NordVPN subscriptions.

3. Special Offers:

   – From time to time, NordVPN introduces special offers on their website, providing substantial discounts on various plans.

These promotions and discounts emphasize the cost-benefit of subscribing to NordVPN during a promotional period. The substantial discounts on long-term plans, in particular, significantly lower the cost per month, making NordVPN a cost-effective solution for online security and privacy.

It’s advisable to check NordVPN’s official website or reputable coupon sites to find the latest and most accurate discounts and promotions. By taking advantage of these offers, users can enjoy the robust features of NordVPN at a much-reduced cost.

Get 65% Off discount on NordVPN Now.

How to Subscribe to NordVPN

Subscribing to NordVPN is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about it:

1. Visit the Official Website:

   – Navigate to NordVPN’s official website.

   – It’s crucial to ensure you’re on the official website to avoid any fraudulent sites. If you’re on a mobile device, it’s advisable to use your device’s official app store.

2. Choose a Plan:

   – Once on the website, navigate to their pricing page and select the plan that best suits your needs. NordVPN offers various subscription periods including 2-year, 1-year, or monthly plans.

   – Choose a security service package: Standard, Plus, or Complete, based on your requirements.

3. Create an Account:

   – You’ll need to create an account by providing your email address.

4. Select a Payment Method:

   – NordVPN provides multiple payment options for user convenience. Although the exact payment options were not available in the resources, traditionally, NordVPN accepts payments through credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency, and PayPal among other methods.

5. Complete the Payment:

   – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment and activate your subscription.

6. Download and Install NordVPN:

   – Once the payment is successful, download the NordVPN application to your device, install it, and log in using the account credentials you created.

7. Connect to a Server:

   – After logging in, connect to a VPN server of your choice, and start enjoying a secure and private internet experience.

Remember, the costs and features associated with each plan vary, so it’s essential to choose a plan that aligns with your needs and budget. By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your online security and privacy with NordVPN.


The primary focus of this article has been to provide an in-depth analysis of NordVPN’s pricing, features, and how it fares against other VPN services in the market. Here’s a summary of the key points discussed:

1. Pricing Structure:

   – NordVPN offers three main plans: Standard, Plus, and Complete, each with different pricing tiers and features to cater to a variety of users.

   – Multi-year plans provide a more cost-effective solution compared to monthly subscriptions.

2. Feature Breakdown:

   – NordVPN boasts a robust server network, excellent speed, and a plethora of additional features such as a dedicated IP, unique VPN protocol, and threat protection, among others.

3. Comparative Analysis:

   – When compared to other popular VPN services, NordVPN holds its ground, especially in terms of server network, speed, and additional features.

4. Promotions and Discounts:

   – NordVPN runs various promotions and discounts, making it more affordable to subscribe, especially during promotional periods.

5. Subscription Process:

   – Subscribing to NordVPN is a straightforward process with multiple payment options available, including credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency, and PayPal.

Based on the analysis, NordVPN emerges as a highly competitive VPN service in terms of both price and features. It’s particularly recommended for individuals and organizations looking for a comprehensive security solution with a well-rounded feature set. The promotional discounts further enhance the value proposition, making it an opportune time to subscribe and secure a good deal.

Moreover, user reviews and expert opinions from various platforms like CyberNews, PCMag, and CNET highlight NordVPN’s high speed, great online security tools, and minimal impact on internet speeds, making it one of the top VPN choices in 2023. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a reliable, feature-rich, and competitively priced VPN service, NordVPN is certainly a worthy contender.

FAQ Section

In this section, we address common questions regarding NordVPN’s pricing, features, the maximum number of devices that can be connected, and compatibility across various platforms.

1. Pricing and Features:

   – NordVPN’s pricing starts at INR 329.07 ($3.99) monthly, with options to subscribe to longer-term plans for cost savings.

   – The service offers a range of features including malware protection, ad blocker, cross-platform password manager, data breach scanner, and 1 TB cloud storage, among others, depending on the plan chosen.

2. Maximum Number of Devices:

   – Users can connect up to six devices simultaneously with one NordVPN account. However, when connecting to the same server, different VPN protocols (TCP and UDP) must be used. If more devices need to be connected, setting up a VPN on the router is recommended, as the router counts as only one device, but all devices connected to the network will be under VPN protection.

3. Platform Compatibility:

   – NordVPN supports a variety of operating systems. For Windows, it supports Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (version 1607 and later), and Windows 11. On macOS, it supports macOS 10.15 Catalina and later versions. For Linux, distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, and other RPM-based distributions are supported. Android 7 and up are supported, along with iOS 13.0 or later. These FAQs provide a snapshot of the key aspects of NordVPN’s pricing, features, device connectivity, and platform compatibility, aiding potential subscribers in making an informed decision.

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